Manos Lagouvardos (born 1981) is a comic artist and illustrator from Greece. He has worked on several projects involving childrens' books and commercials. He is also a graduate of the Architectural school of the National Technical University of Athens.

Aside from being an illustrator and an architect, Manos is also the writer and the artist of his comic project, named Galaxia, which is currently being published by Comicworld, a greek publication company.

On 2002, he participated in the 2nd panhellenic comic competition which was organized by the "9" magazine and won the 1st honorable mention. It was there that he showed a glipse from the vast universe of his book, for the first time.

After that, he participated in a small course for illustrators in AKTO, an art school based in Athens. The supervisor was Dimitris Vitalis.

Due to his responsibilites towards the architectural school and the army, Manos stayed inactive on comics for a long period. Only later on, he decided to participate again in the 24 hour comics day marathon, being held in Athens, where he was honored again, for two consecutive years.

Comicworld, aside from publishing Manos's series "Galaxia", has also published several other stories from him:

"Choose your class" - 24 Hour Comic Day Hellas 2008

"Final Fantasy 24" - 24 Hour Comic Day Hellas 2009

"I.R.T.U. Mission Confidential" - 24 Hour Comic Day Hellas 2010 bonus story, writer Andreas Pefanis.

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